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        1. About FASEB

          Founded in 1912, FASEB began with a small group of dedicated scientists, from three independent organizations, who wanted to provide a forum for educational meetings, develop publications, and disseminate results of biological research. Now the nation’s largest biomedical coalition, comprising 30 scientific societies and more than 130,000 researchers worldwide, FASEB is the recognized collective policy voice of biological and biomedical researchers. 

          Building on more than a century of service to the life sciences community, FASEB

          • Represents 30 scientific societies and more than 130,000 researchers worldwide
          • Hosts an array of scientific conferences and events each year
          • Publishes the FASEB Journal, FASEB BioAdvances, and Washington Update
          • Works to ensure a diverse and representative workforce in the biological and biomedical sciences
          • Celebrates the efforts of those working to advance biological and biomedical sciences through an awards program
          • Provides career resources through job/resume postings, fellowships, and networking
          • Partners with affiliate organizations to advance awareness of biological and biomedical research

          Our Mission  

          We advance health and well-being by promoting research and education in biological and biomedical sciences through collaborative advocacy and service to our member societies and their members.


          Patricia L. Morris, MS, PhD

          Kevin C. Kregel, PhD

          Immediate Past President
          Louis B. Justement, PhD

          Vice President for Science Policy
          Mary-Ann Bjornsti, PhD

          Vice President-elect for Science Policy
          Beth A. Garvy, PhD

          Charles W. Frevert, DVM, ScD

          Cherié L. Butts, PhD

          Federation Secretary
          Frank J. Krause Jr., MBA, CAE

          Early-Career Representatives
          Dennis Jones, PhD
          Vijay P. Kale, MVSc, PhD, DABT, ERT

          Board Members Representing FASEB Member Societies

          American Association of Anatomists - AAA
          Andrea Taylor, PhD

          American Association of Immunologists - AAI
          Beth A. Garvy, PhD

          Association of Biomolecular Resource Facilities - ABRF
          Nicholas Ambulos, PhD

          American College of Sports Medicine - ACSM
          Karyn Hamilton, PhD

          American Federation for Medical Research - AFMR
          Vijay Shivaswamy, MBBS

          American Aging Association - AGE
          Holly Brown-Borg, PhD

          Association for Molecular Pathology - AMP
          Betsy A. Bove, PhD

          American Peptide Society - APEPS 
          Philip E. Dawson, PhD

          American Physiological Society - APS
          Bill J. Yates, PhD

          American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology - ASBMB
          Michael D. Schaller, PhD

          American Society for Bone and Mineral Research - ASBMR
          Brendan F. Boyce, MB ChB

          American Society for Clinical Investigation - ASCI
          Talat Alp Ikizler, MD

          American Society for Investigative Pathology - ASIP
          Charles A. Parkos, MD, PhD

          American Society for Nutrition - ASN
          Kelly A. Tappenden, PhD, RD, FASPEN

          American Society for Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics - ASPET
          Catherine Davis, PhD

          Society for Birth Defect Research & Prevention - BDRP 
          Christine Perdan Curran, PhD

          Environmental Mutagenesis and Genomics Society - EMGS
          Jeffrey L. Schwartz, PhD

          Endocrine Society - ES
          Diane (Didi) Robins, PhD

          Genetics Society of American - GSA
          Terry Magnuson, PhD

          Histochemical Society - HCS
          Robin Lorenz, MD, PhD

          Society for Developmental Biology - SDB
          Rachel Brewster, PhD

          Society for Experimental Biology and Medicine - SEBM
          Michael Lehman, PhD, FAAA

          Society for Glycobiology - SfG
          Pamela A. Marino, PhD

          Society for Redox Biology and Medicine - SFRBM
          Eric E. Kelley, PhD

          Society for Leukocyte Biology - SLB
          Lee-Ann Allen, PhD

          Society of Toxicology - SOT
          Michael Aschner, PhD

          Society for the Study of Reproduction - SSR
          Diane M. Duffy, PhD

          US Human Proteome Organization - US HUPO
          Rebekah L. Gundry, PhD

          Executive Office

          Frank J. Krause Jr., MBA, CAE
          Executive Director

          Sally Schwettmann, CAE
          Director for Governance and Leadership Development

          Financial Services

          Julie Jones
          Chief Financial Officer

          Scientific Meetings and Conferences

          Andrea Bauerfeind, CAE, CMP

          Public Affairs 

          Jennifer Zeitzer 

          Science Policy

          Yvette Seger, PhD 


          John Linton 


          Sybil Walker Barnes, CAE


          Darla Henderson, PhD

          Human Resources 

          Susan Schiaffino, SHRN-CP